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Mercy and Grace Church of God is located in Grants, New Mexico. The church had recently been reopened in 2019. The desire is to share the love of Christ to the people of Grants. Grants, New Mexico is a beautiful and culturally rich city which is located on the West side of New Mexico 78  miles West of Albuquerque, New Mexico.



At Mercy and Grace Church of God we value the community and family. Our desire is that all will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and live lives of love, peace and joy. We strive to love our neighbor as ourselves and minister to those in need. 

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Devote Woman


The mission of Mercy and Grace Church of God is to be a blessing by

Shining the light (Matthew 5:16)

Sharing the gospel (Mark 16:15)

Showing the love (John 13:35)

The vision is to be a beacon of hope in the community of Grants, New Mexico, by loving the unloved, encouraging the discouraged, teaching the teachable, feeding the hungry, and serving the unserved. We want to inspire the youth, strengthen the family, honor the elderly, and restore the broken. 

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